Charity Fund & Schemes
Yan Oi Tong Mrs Shi Lop Tak Youth & Children Medical Foundation
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “We should take the first priority in consideration and guarantee that children grow heavily and fully develop themselves because children are our future.”
YOT concerns the needs of teens and kids of Hong Kong with any kind of physical and learning difficulties. Deficiency in resources or delay in medical treatment will cause any negative effects on their health and development. In light of the circumstances, YOT Mrs. Shi Lop Tak Youth & Children Medical Foundation (The Fund) was created for giving the financial assistance in medical treatments and medicine for the underprivileged youths and children and for arousing the public concern for their needs.
“AD/HD Subsidy Scheme” is at the initial project for the Fund tailored made for those aged 6 to 8 with suspected cases of attention deficiency and/or hyperactivity. This scheme will provide assessment service and report by the medical professionals for those students with suspected cases of AD/HD
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